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  Discover how to unleash the ultimate performance from your sales talent

What if you could assess a sales person specifically for the job, or role you wanted them to do?
And what if the same assessment could also tell you how well their capabilities compared to those of a group of High Achievers doing the same job? What could you do with that information?

By comparing a sales person’s capabilities across the four key factors that ultimately determine revenue performance, Fit-4 is your key to unleashing the ultimate sales performance from each member of your sales team.

So what are these four critical factors?

  • their behavioral factors (will they be ‘comfortable’ performing the role);
  • their critical reasoning (do they have the ‘intellectual ability’ required to perform the role);
  • their functional or job skills (‘can’ they perform the role);
  • and their motivators (what’s going to create the ‘desire’ for them to perform the role).

Fit-4 will tell you whether any given sales person is capable of becoming a High Performer in their current or prospective role so you can make the right investment decisions.

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